About Me


Who am I?

I am Clay Houghton  the principal trainer and consultant for Houghton Chapman Consulting (HCC) . We specialize in training, coaching, mentoring and developing businesses to succeed on the web. I am a long time IT guy with over 20 years in the industry, and I specialize in developing teams, mentoring people and taking complex subjects and making them easier to understand. I am driven to help people. I have a heart for the underdog and under-privileged, and I hate the statistics that show small businesses tend to fail more than they succeed. For exactly this reason, I have founded the Start Grow Master Academy, tools and training to help turn those statistics on their ear, and to give struggling business owners a better chance. There is still a lot of work to do to build this Academy, but you get to join the adventure!

Why a Restaurant Reputation Site?

This website, “Your Restaurant Reputation” is the supporting website and resources for my showcase restaurant course: “The 21 Day Online Restaurant Reputation Bootcamp“. This site provides additional information, strategies and resources that the course just physically can’t include. As well, I didn’t want the course to be a standalone product. There is so much information that needs to get out to restaurant owners and chefs that I needed to create this site as well.

What Makes Me Qualified?

Well, besides a great sense of humor and rugged good looks, HCC approaches information a little bit differently. We want our clients/students to understand the “why” in everything they are doing. We have been helping companies and restaurants for over 6 years now, much of that time actually doing the work for them. What we found was our clients didn’t really understand why we did certain things, or how they could do it themselves after we finished. For the past two years I have focused on coaching businesses and restaurants through the process of doing the work themselves. This not only saves them a huge amount of money and time, but it also helps them understand how it all fits together. The 21 Day Bootcamp course is designed to step a restaurant through all the steps to create a dominate online presence and reputation. I am qualified because I am an expert at the online processes and the marketing, just like you are the expert at the food side of it.

Let’s be partners!