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Free Resources


Setting up Your Restaurant Online:

Google My Business – Google’s official program to help you get set up on their search engine

Test My Site for Mobile – Use Google’s test site to see if your website meets mobile site standards – This free tool helps you test website ranking


Paid Resources


Graphics and Video Tools:

99 Designs – This is my personal go to website for getting logos and graphics created. I have used them numerous times. (Affiliate Link)

Video Spinn – A great little tool that I use to mass produce videos quickly and almost instantly (Affiliate Link)

Managing Your Business:

Book Like A Boss – A super simple tool to offer your clients an online calendar, services and products booking. (Affiliate Link)

SamCart – Probably the simplest shopping cart + landing page creator on the market. I love these guys. (Affiliates Links)

Citation Building Services:

Get 5 Stars – In my opinion, this is the best citation and reputation monitoring tool set for restaurants to manage themselves.

Moz Local – The folks at Moz really understand how to optimize businesses online. The Moz Local service is evolving into a major service. – Full, automated citation building services. They offer an easy to manage interface and you are in the driver’s seat.

Reputation Management Firms: – This company offers a complete set of online tools combined with personal support. An industry leader. – This company offers a full set of reputation services. – This company specializes in restaurant reputation management. They have done an excellent job of holistic marketing their own business.

Houghton Chapman Consulting – Hire Me. Not only do I teach this material, I also provide Reputation Management, Reputation Marketing and Citation Building Services.

Full Reputation Tools and Service Providers: – A fully automated reputation management solution. – This company offers a full circle solution to manage reviews from the restaurant website.

Other Resources:

Bluehost – If you plan to create and host your own website, I highly recommend the service. I use it for about 90% of my online web assets. It’s easy to use and very powerful. (not an affiliate link)